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Chic Black & White Crochet Bag Free Pattern

1 Mins read
Chic Black & White Crochet Bag Free Pattern

Oh, what joy it is to stumble upon a pattern that sings to my soul! Picture this: a crochet bag so effortlessly chic, it could easily be mistaken for a high-end designer piece. But here’s the kicker – it’s as simple to make as pouring a cup of tea.

The black and white crochet bag pattern, a gem I spotted while meandering through the vast landscapes of the internet, is such a delightful find, I can hardly keep it to myself.

This pattern, dear readers, is a testament to the classic beauty that black and white can bring to any form. With alternating stripes that dazzle and a texture that begs to be touched, it’s like the little black dress of the crochet world – absolutely essential. And let’s not overlook the ease of crafting this beauty. Whether your crochet skills are just budding or blooming in full splendor, this pattern guides you with a gentle hand through each step. It’s akin to having a wise friend beside you, ensuring every stitch adds to an exquisite finish.

But why does this creation make my heart race, you might wonder? It’s the harmony it brings – a balance of sophistication and utility, wrapped up in a design that’s as fun to make as it is to wear. Imagine sauntering down the street, this spectacular bag on your shoulder, knowing that it was your hands that brought it to life. What a thrilling thought! So, go on, give this pattern a try.

Designer: Sperimenta Crochet

Materials & Tools

  • Thai sublime white
  • Lycra light black by Tessiland
  • 6 mm crochet hook
  • Magnetic closure
  • Bag handle


Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet

Black & White Crochet Bag


Black and White Crochet Bag Measures


Create the rectangular panel, according to the measurements shown above, working the moss stitch (start with 20+2 chains and worked 32 rows)

Black & White Crochet Bag rec panel

Create two lateral panels, according to the measurements shown above, working with single crochet (work 8 rows of 5 sc + 1 row of 3 sc) and sew them to the panel.

Black & White Crochet Bag panels

Insert the magnetic closure using a piece of yarn or a felt rectangle to sew to the panel.

Black & White Crochet Bag tips

If you like, create a handle by working a single crochet band and sew it onto the bag. You can also connect the stitches to create a tubular handle.

Black & White Crochet Bag handle


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