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Charming Lazy Frog Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

2 Mins read
Charming Lazy Frog Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

Oh boy, I’ve stumbled upon the most darling lazy frog crochet pattern, and you gotta see this little guy! I’m talkin’ about a plush frog that’s got the cutest big black peepers you’ve ever seen. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill project—it’s one that’s gonna make your heart leap with joy every single time you glimpse it!

Now, imagine kickin’ back with your favorite skein of green yarn—soft, squishy, just begging to be transformed. You’re looping and hooking, your hands dancing with the rhythm of the stitches. Before you know it, you’re shaping the body, and then the magic happens when you add those signature big black eyes. It’s like the froggy’s soul just pops into existence! Don’t even get me started on the satisfaction of seeing someone’s eyes light up when they see this cuddly buddy for the first time. It’s positively ribbiting!

Whoever cooked up this pattern deserves a medal. It’s whimsical, it’s heartwarming, it’s everything you want in a crochet project. Trust me when I say, you’ll wanna add this frog to your to-do list like yesterday.

Now, I might’ve seen my share of patterns, but this one just jumps out at me. Go ahead—leap and give it a whirl!

Designer: Loops With Lauren

Materials & Tools

  • Big Twist Plush Yarn in Sage
  • 18 mm safety eyes
  • 6.5 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Poly-fil (optional)
  • Stitch marker


  • Beginner-friendly pattern.
  • Finished size vary depending on hook size, yarn and tension
  • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds (spiral)


Mr – magic ring
Sc – single crochet
Inc – increase
Dec – decrease
St – stitches
FO – fasten off
Sl st – slip stitch

Lazy Frog Free Crochet Pattern

Head / Body

Stuffing is optional. If you do stuff, stuff lightly.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in Mr (6)
Rnd 2: (sc, inc) x 3 (9)
Rnd 3: (2 sc, inc) x 3 (12)
Rnd 4: (3 sc, inc) x 3 (15)
Rnd 5: (4 sc, inc) x 3 (18)

*Begin stuffing*

Rnd 6-8: sc around (18) 3 rounds
Rnd 9: (2 sc, dec) x 4, 2 sc (14)

*Finish stuffing*

Rnd 10: dec x 7 (7)

FO with a ling tail.

Using a yarn needle, thread the tail through the BLO around the hole, pull closed and weave in end.

Eyes x 2

Rnd 1: 4 sc in Mr (4)

Sl st to finish Mr and FO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Insert your safety eyes into the center of the circle.

Legs x 4

Rnd 1: 4 sc in Mr (4)
Rnd 2-4: sc around (4) 3 rounds

Sc along top (2 st), FO, leave a long tail for sewing.

Lazy Frog Free Crochet Amigurumi


  • Sew eyes flat against the head in between rounds 2-3, about 1-2 st apart.
  • Sew front legs in between rounds 5-7, the st that you crocheted across the top should be horizontal with the body. Sew directly on sides of body.
  • Sew the back legs between rounds 8-10, also horizontal with the body. Sew directly on sides of bdody.
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