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Meet the Family: Cousin Itt Free Crochet Pattern

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Meet the Family: Cousin Itt Free Crochet Pattern

Hey, you, the yarn aficionado! Have you ever wanted to crochet something so wonderfully weird it makes you giggle every time you glance at it? Then have I got something for you! I was humming the Addams Family theme song while making this Cousin Itt crochet pattern, and I kid you not – it was like he came alive on my hook. Ah, that flood of nostalgia and the eerie yet charming aura of the whole thing!

So, ready to take a quirky plunge? The pattern’s got a real mishmash of stitches to mimic Cousin Itt’s unique “hairstyle” – I’m talking loops, strands, and everything in between . And don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it looks. Once you’re finished, you’ll have more than just a crochet project; you’ll have a kooky keepsake that’ll spark conversations and smiles. Oh, I can’t wait to see your versions!

Let’s make Cousin Itt the life of the yarn party, shall we? Happy hookin’!

Designer: Oliyanko Amigurumi


MR – magic ring
Sc – single crochet
Inc – increase
Dec – decrase
Rnd – round
St – stitches

Head & Body

Rnd 1: 6 sc in MR [6]
Rnd 2: inc x 6 [12]
Rnd 3: (1 sc, inc) x 6 [18]
Rnd 4-5: sc in all 18 (2 rows) [18]
Rnd 6:(1 sc, dec) x 6 [12]
Rnd 7: sc in all 12 [12]
Rnd 8: (1 sc, inc)x6 [18]
Rnd 9:(2 sc, inc)x6 [24]
Rnd 10: (3 sc, inc)x6 [30]
Rnd 11-12: sc in all 30 (2 rows) [30]
Rnd 13: (3 sc, dec)x6 [24]
Rnd 14: (2 sc, dec)x6 [18] – start stuffing
Rnd 15: (1 sc, dec)x6 [12]
Rnd 16: (dec)x6 [6]

Fasten off, weave in the ends.

Top Hat

Rnd 1: 8sc in MR [8]
Rnd 2: inc x 8 [16]
Rnd 3: (1sc, inc) x 8 [24]
Rnd 4-8: sc in all 24sc (5rounds) [24]
Rnd 9: work in front loops only – (2sc, inc) x 8 [32]
Rnd 10: (3sc, inc)x8 [40]

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Sunglasses x2

8 sc in MR, fasten off with slip stitch.


See pictures for reference:

  • Cut the yarn pieces of approximately 17cm.
  • Starting from 4th row from the top of the head (the smaller part), insert the hook unto the stitch, place on the hook the yarn folded in half an pull it through the stitch half way.
  • Then pull the ends of the yarn through the loop and pull tight downwards to create 2 strands of the hair.
  • Repeatin each stitch until you reach the the eighth row from the bottom of the body, always pulling the hair down towards the bottom of the body to decrease the volume.
Cousin Itt tips 1


  • Once all the hair is attached, sew on the hat on top of the head. Sew the hat from the row 9 of the hat, so it will keek its opened effect.
  • Make 2x ch30 – attach one chain around the rim of the hat, and use the second chain as the keychain loop.
  • Attach sunglasses – insert the needle with the tail under the hat and pull through the entire head. Then make a simple knot behind the hair and cut the yarn. Repeat with both lenses. Lastly simply connect the lenses using black yarn and the needle.
  • Cut the hair to your desired lenght.
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