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Triple Bunny Dango Unmissable Free Crochet Pattern

3 Mins read
Triple Bunny Dango Free Crochet Pattern

Well, butter my biscuit and color me surprised! I recently tripped down a rabbit hole (pun fully intended!) and what did I find? An irresistibly cute Triple Bunny Dango crochet pattern. It’s like a triple treat for the soul! Crocheting these little bun-buns brings back memories of those fun-filled Easter hunts with my kiddos, where we’d search high and low for those hidden treasures.

Now, I’ve seen many patterns in my time, but this one – oh, it takes the carrot cake! The little floppy ears, the charming tails, all bundled into one delightful dango. The joy I felt as I saw them hop off my hook and into existence… Well, words can hardly describe! I reckon it’s not just about the crochet – it’s the stories, memories, and giggles that come with it.

So, if you’re looking for a project that’ll not only delight your fingers but also warm your heart, the Triple Bunny Dango’s calling out to you. Dive right in, and let your imagination hop wild!

Pattern Designer: Audrey Lc


  • 100% Cotton yarn in sport weight
  • 2.5 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Fiberfill


This pattern is using US crochet terms and crocheted in continuous rounds.

Rnd – round
MR – magic ring
BLO – back loop only ch=chain
slst – slip stitch
SC – single crochet
Inc – increase
Dec – decrease


Stuff firmly as you go. Starting with ROSE yarn.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in MR [6]
Rnd 2: 6 inc [12]
Rnd 3: (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
Rnd 4: (sc, inc, sc) x 6 [24]
Rnd 5: (3 sc, inc) x 6 [30]
Rnd 6: (2 sc, inc, 2sc) x 6 [36]
Rnd 7-13: (7 rounds) 36 sc [36]
Rnd 14: (2 sc, dec, 2sc) x 6 [30]
Rnd 15: (3 sc, dec) x 6 [24]
Rnd 16: (sc, dec, sc) x 6 [18]
Rnd 17: (sc, dec) x 6 [12]

Change to WHITE. Cut rose yarn.

Rnd 18: 12 slst [12]
Rnd 19: BLO (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
Rnd 20: (sc, inc, sc) x 6 [24]
Rnd 21: (3 sc, inc) x 6 [30]
Rnd 22: (2 sc, inc, 2sc) x 6 [36]
Rnd 23-29: (7 rounds) 36 sc [36]
Rnd 30: (2 sc, dec, 2sc) x 6 [30]
Rnd 31: (3 sc, dec) x 6 [24]
Rnd 32: (sc, dec, sc) x 6 [18]
Rnd 33: (sc, dec) x 6 [12]

Change to GREEN. Cut white yarn.

Rnd 34: 12 slst [12]
Rnd 35: BLO (Sc, inc) x6 [18]
Rnd 36: (sc, inc, sc) x6 [24]
Rnd 37: (3 sc, inc) x6 [30]
Rnd 38: (2 sc, inc, 2sc) x6 [36]
Rnd 39-45: (7 rounds) 36 sc [36]
Rnd 46: (2 sc, dec, 2sc) x 6 [30]
Rnd 47: (3 sc, dec) x 6 [24]
Rnd 48: (sc, dec, sc) x 6 [18]
Rnd 49: 9 dec [9]

Change to BEIGE. Cut green yarn.

Rnd 50: 9 slst [9]
Rnd 51: BLO 9 SC [9]
Rnd 52-61: (10 rounds) 9 sc [9]
Rnd 62: (sc, dec) x3 [6]

Fasten off. Weave yarn through the front loops of the last round. Pull it tight to close the hole. Weave in yarn end.

Triple Bunny Dango tips 1

Ears x6

We will make 2 eats in ROSE, 2 ears in WHITE, and 2 ears in GREEN. Do not stuff.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in MR [6]
Rnd 2: 6 inc [12]
Rnd 3: 12 sc [12]
Rnd 4: (sc, dec, sc) x 3 [9]
Rnd 5: 9 sc [9]

Flatten, make 4 sc through both layers. Fold the ears, make ch 1, then make 2 slst through both layers.

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Triple Bunny Dango tips 2


  • With fewer strands of DARK BROWN yarn, embroider smiley eyes on round 10, round 26, and round 42. The eyes are 2 stitches wide, and the distance of the inner part is 4 stitches.
  • With PINK yarn, embroider the nose between rounds 10 and 11. The nose is 2 stitches wide. We go over the stitches twice. Then embroider a vertical line from the center of the nose over rounds 11 and 12. Then embroider cheek blush between rounds 10 and 11 on the side of each eye. The cheek blush is 1 stitch wide. We go over the stitch twice. Repeat the steps for the white part and green part.
  • For the white part: the nose is between rounds 26 and 27, vertical line over rounds 27 to 28, and the cheek blush between rounds 26 and 27.
  • For the green part: the nose is between rounds 42 and 43, the vertical line over rounds 43 to 44, and the cheek blush between rounds 42 and 43.
  • Sew the ROSE ears over rounds 4 to 5, sew the WHITE ears over rounds 20 to 21, and sew the GREEN ears over rounds 36 to 37. No distance between ears.

Well, that’s it! You’ve finished crocheting your very own triple bunny dango. Congratulations!

Now you have three adorable bunnies to cuddle with or give as a gift to someone special. I hope you enjoyed following the step-by-step instructions and found this pattern easy to follow.

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