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Charming Pumpkin Applique Free Crochet Pattern

1 Mins read
Charming Pumpkin Applique Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, how the pumpkin takes me back to my grandma’s porch during the crisp fall evenings… Crafting a pumpkin applique has always been close to my heart. It’s like holding a tiny piece of autumn in the palm of your hands. This particular pattern is dear to me, as it perfectly captures the plumpness and cute curves of a ripe pumpkin.

From embellishing your autumn scarves to adding that seasonal touch to your tote bags, this little wonder works like a charm. Go on – stitch your love for fall into this darling applique.

I promise, it’ll be the highlight of your crafting season.

Designer: Hooked on Candy


  • Andy DK yarn in:
  • Orange/brown/black/pink/white
  • 3 mm crochet hook
  • 2 mm crochet hook
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Yarn need;e


Mr – magic ring
Ch – chain
Sl st – slip stitch
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – half double crochet
Dc – double crochet
Tr – treble crochet
Inc – increase
Hdcinc – two hdc in same st
Dcinc – two dc in same st
Trinc – two tr in same st


Using orange yarn and 3 mm hook.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in Mr (6)
Rnd 2: inc each st around (12)
Rnd 3: (1 sc, inc) x 6 (18)
Rnd 4: (2 sc, inc) x 6 (24)
Rnd 5: (3 sc, inc) x 6 (30)
Rnd 6: sl st, hdcinc, dcinc, (2 trinc, tr) x 3, dcinc, hdcinc, 2 sc, hdcinc, dcinc, (tr, 2 trinc) x 3, dcinc, hdcinc, sl st (50)

Finish off leaving a long tail.


Using brown yarn and a 3 mm hook ch 6

Row 1: starting in 3rd ch from hook, 4 hdc (4)

Finish off leaving a long tail.

Eyes x2

Using black yarn and 2 mm hook.

Rnd 1: 5 sc in Mr (5)

Finish off leaving a long tail.


  • Use the long tails to attach the eyes and stalk to the pumpkin.
  • Stitch a smile using three strands of embroidery floss.
  • Use pink yarn to add cheeks under each eye.
  • Add highlights to each eye using white.
  • You can use the long tail from the pumpkin to attach your applique to whatever you wish.
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