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Amigurumi Very Hungry Caterpillar Free Crochet Pattern

2 Mins read
Amigurumi Hungry Caterpillar Free Crochet Pattern

Hello, dear fellow craft devotees! Ever imagined weaving tales (literally!) with your beloved crochet hook and yarn? Well, I’ve stumbled upon a pattern that lets you do just that – the amigurumi very hungry caterpillar pattern. It’s a throwback to our adorable childhood tales, packing a whole bunch of nostalgia and euphoria as you see that famous little caterpillar unfurl under your deft fingers…

Every twist and turn of your crochet hook, every careful stitch brings back vivid memories, transporting us back to those good ol’ days, one loop at a time. It’s a wonder how a simple crochet pattern can evoke such a burst of emotions and nostalgia, isn’t it?

Sure, the pattern does pose some challenges here and there. But remember, the beauty lies in tackling those challenges head-on. Nothing compares to the joy of watching your hard work pay off as the amigurumi hungry caterpillar springs to life before your eyes. So, don that creative cap, arm yourself with a robust hook, and let us venture into this charming world of yarn and tales together!

Pattern Designer: Ria Art World


  • 3 mm crochet hook
  • Matching yarn
  • Tapestry and sewing needle
  • Black seed beads and thread
  • Black and pink embroidery thread


Rnd – round
St – stitch(es)
Sc – single crochet
Inc – increase
Ch – chain
Sl st – slip stitch
Dec – decrease

Face Guide

  • Eyes: between rnds 4 & , 4 sts apart
  • Smile: sew a v-shape with the black embroidery thread between the eyes
  • Cheeks: sew a lone with the pink embroidery thread just below the eyes

Body x4

Start with green yarn.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in a Mr (6)
Rnd 2: (inc in next st, sc in next st) around (9)
Rnd 3: (inc in next st, sc in next 2 sts) around (12)
Rnd 3: sc in each st around (12)
Rnd 4: (dec, sc in next 2 sts) around (9)


Fasten off, sewing the remaining 6 sts closed.

WIth green yarn, sew three of the body pieces together to form a row. Sew the remaining body piece to the top of an end piece to create the bug’s head.

Feet x6

Start with black yarn.

ch 4, sl st in each ch starting in 2nd ch from hook.

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

Sew two feet onto each of the body pieces between rnds 4 and 5, about 5 sts apart on either side of the body pieces.


Start with pink yarn.

ch 7, sl st in each ch starting in 2nd ch from hook.

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

Sew antennae to the top of the head piece between rnds 1 and 2.

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