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Amigurumi Gingerbread Man Free Crochet Pattern

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Amigurumi Gingerbread Man Free Crochet Pattern

Alrighty, let’s dive right into the dough – figuratively speaking, of course! I laid eyes on this gingerbread man pattern and felt like a kid in a candy store. Picture this: a dapper little cookie dude created by your own two hands, complete with all the trimmings. And the best part? It’s a no-calorie treat!

Beginning with the classic shades of ginger and spice, work your stitches with a sense of nostalgia – but don’t get too cozy in the past; we’re crafting with a zest that’s as fresh as today’s apple pie! The pattern, which I happened upon, calls for some nifty handiwork with increases and decreases. But let me assure you, it’s nothing that would make you break a sweat. Before you can say ‘sugar rush’, you’ll be looping through the final touches – a squiggle of white for the icing and maybe a cute little heart or two for buttons.

It’s not just about the pattern, though. It’s the feeling that stitches together with every loop and every knot—the warm fuzzies that come from crafting something with soul. So let those loops be a bit loopy, and if the icing is more squiggly than straight, who cares? After all, it’s the handcrafted charm that makes this gingerbread man one to cherish, display, or wrap up with a bow for someone sweet.

So grab your hook, and let’s get to baking up some crochet fun!

Designer: Silvi Sunflower

Materials & Tools

  • 3.5 mm crochet
  • Chenille/Chunky arn
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Safety eyes (7 mm)

Size: about 13 cm
Level: easy


Sc – single crochet
St – stitch
Inc – increase
Dec – decrease
Sl st – slip stitch
Rnd – round
Ch – chain
Hdc – half double crochet
Dc – double crochet



Magic ring

Rnd 1: 6 sc (6)
Rnd 2: (inc) x 6 (12)
Rnd 3: (1 sc, 1 inc) x 6 (18)
Rnd 4: (2 sc, 1 inc) x 6 (24)
Rnd 5-8: (4 rounds) 1 sc in every st (24)
Rnd 9: (2 sc, 1 dec) x 6 (18)

Insert the safety eyes between R6 and R7, 4 st apart.

Rnd 10: (1 sc, 1 dec) x 6 (12)
Rnd 11: 1 sc in every st (12)

Stuff the head.


Rnd 12: (1 sc, 1 dec) x 6 (18)
Rnd 13: (2 sc, 1 dec) x 6 (24)
Rnd 14-19: (6 rounds) 1 sc in every st (24)

Legs x2

Find the enter with your finger between the eyes and go down in a straight line to the open crochet piece. Mark this stitch. Crochet sc up to this stitch. Now count 12 sts and crochet 1 sc in each of the 12 sts. Make 1 sc in the first of the 12 crocheted sts to create the two holes for the legs.

Stuff the body with wadding.

Rnd 20: you have already crocheted the first sc of row 20 in the previous round. (1 Round) 1 sc in every st (12)
Rnd 21: change to white (1 round) 1 sc in every st (12)
Rnd 22: change to brown (1 round) 1 sc in every st (12)

Stuff the legs.

Rnd 23: (dec) x 6 (6)

Repeat round 26 to 30 to create the 2nd leg.
Fasten off. Cut the thread and close the holes.

Arms x2

(In brown)

Magic ring

Rnd 1: 5 sc (5)
Rnd 2: 1 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc (7)
Rnd 3: change to white (1 round) 1 sc in every st (7)
Rnd 4-8: change to brown (5 rounds) 1 sc in every st (7)

Stuff the arms.

Fasten off. Cut the thread long enough and sew the arms to the left and right of the body.


(In red)

Magic ring.
(1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc) x 2, pull the ring.
Cut the thread long enough and wrap it around the center of the bow a few times. Sew the bow to the neck.

Buttons x2

(In blue)

Magic ring.

Rnd 1: 5 sc (5)
1 sl st in the first sc from R1
Cut the thread long enough. Sew the buttons to the belly.

Embroider the mouth of the gingerbread man under the eyes using white thread.
Use pink yarn to embroider the cheeks under the eyes.

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